May 5

Don Juans

Lately, I have noticed a rash of guys just copying and pasting their opening lines to me.  I always am notified of anybody who’s going to IM me before they even type.  Seems so amazing how somebody in a split second can type out a whole 30 word paragraph!  Granted, I do know that at least 80 % (This is not actually factual) are here for cartoon sex and will use any method possible to get laid but originality will go a long way with you.  Often the worst offenders are the good looking avies because you wouldn’t suspect that they are copying and pasting shit to you.  Clues: They don’t use your name in the opening line, Seems to type at un-human speeds, Often will be a whole paragraphs.

Here’s some samples:

Wow, I must tell you that your pixels are so FUCKABLE! You ooze raw sex and you have captured me wholeheartedly with your beauty.

/me stands in the corner staring at the beautiful woman across the room.  Her hair gently caresses down her back and I sigh only wanting to speak to her and hoping she will glance my way.  Hello beautiful.

/me notices you and smiles over ‘hey’


Stop COPYING!! and then paste.  STOP BOTH OF THEM!

April 30

Winner winner chicken dinner


Is it possible to make anybody like you?  I think so just need to be patient and sprinkle some charm! Chat log time.  Names are changed.

[2014/01/17 16:12]  DavidNad: wanna mate?
[2014/01/17 16:13]  Veruca: wanna go club baby seals?
[2014/01/17 16:16]  DavidNad: uh, no
[2014/01/17 16:16]  DavidNad: but nice drama
[2014/01/17 16:16]  Veruca: No drama, just conversing
[2014/01/17 16:16]  Veruca: you seemed like you wanted to talk
[2014/01/17 16:18]  DavidNad: yes, talk, dance, tease, jet skit,  fuck
[2014/01/17 16:18]  DavidNad: and then leave you gone
[2014/01/17 16:18]  Veruca: Well, how was I supposed to know what you are into.  I’m not a mind reader! BTW: your penis is on the outside of your pants which is kinda of a fashion faux pas.
[2014/01/17 16:19]  DavidNad: oh my
[2014/01/17 16:19]  DavidNad: thanks
[2014/01/17 16:19]  DavidNad: shall i stuff him back in since he is such a faux paux
[2014/01/17 16:19]  DavidNad: or are you going to put a bikini on and come dance with me?
[2014/01/17 16:20]  DavidNad: ignore the flesh its a cartoon site dear
[2014/01/17 16:21]  DavidNad: I await the ladies response, if any
[2014/01/17 16:21]  DavidNad: most women here are scatter brained
[2014/01/17 16:21]  DavidNad: shopping, talking with gurlfriends etc
[2014/01/17 16:21]  DavidNad: twisting off
[2014/01/17 16:21]  DavidNad: and it seems as if im already talking to myself
[2014/01/17 16:21]  DavidNad: used to it
[2014/01/17 16:22]  DavidNad: amazing….
[2014/01/17 16:22]  DavidNad: oh, and youve got exactly 20 seconds to respond
[2014/01/17 16:23]  DavidNad: or …buh bye
[2014/01/17 16:24]  Veruca: Keep talking I was having some coffee
[2014/01/17 16:24]  DavidNad: guess you thought i was kidding of one of your boys
[2014/01/17 16:24]  DavidNad: lmao
[2014/01/17 16:24]  DavidNad: bye
[2014/01/17 16:24]  DavidNad: you keep talking
[2014/01/17 16:24]  Veruca: Ok see you soon
[2014/01/17 16:24]  DavidNad: aint your cunt cunt
[2014/01/17 16:24]  DavidNad: got it
[2014/01/17 16:24]  DavidNad: no you wont
[2014/01/17 16:25]  Veruca: what about tomorrow, same time?
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: you had your chance
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: and blew it
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: hardly
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: just like you
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: to fuck up
[2014/01/17 16:25]  Veruca: did I lose the lottery?
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: the most important things that come along
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: in my estimation
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: yes dearest
[2014/01/17 16:25]  Veruca: on a scale of 1 to important was this?
[2014/01/17 16:25]  DavidNad: but, you will never know
[2014/01/17 16:26]  DavidNad: no need to answer
[2014/01/17 16:26]  DavidNad: you already know
[2014/01/17 16:26]  DavidNad: youre a woman with radar
[2014/01/17 16:26]  DavidNad: you know you just fucked up
[2014/01/17 16:26]  Veruca: like a laser radar?
[2014/01/17 16:27]  DavidNad: ZZZZzzzzzz
[2014/01/17 16:27]  DavidNad: i guess
[2014/01/17 16:27]  Veruca: yeah I’m’s been a tough day
[2014/01/17 16:27]  DavidNad: shit
[2014/01/17 16:27]  DavidNad: now you pull me back
[2014/01/17 16:27]  DavidNad: im such a bitch
[2014/01/17 16:27]  DavidNad: see
[2014/01/17 16:27]  DavidNad: the female radar thing
[2014/01/17 16:28]  DavidNad: here is the deal
[2014/01/17 16:28]  DavidNad: i know youve been here a while
[2014/01/17 16:28]  Veruca: ok
[2014/01/17 16:28]  DavidNad: but im no ones bitch
[2014/01/17 16:28]  Veruca: nobody’s?
[2014/01/17 16:28]  DavidNad: if you want to chat
[2014/01/17 16:28]  DavidNad: whatever english teacher
[2014/01/17 16:28]  DavidNad: yeah i fucked her too
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: if the lady would like to chat and cuddle in my flat let me know
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: i have female radar also
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: its a curse
[2014/01/17 16:29]  Veruca: oh a cuddler!
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: trust me
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: and a dick
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: and a fucker
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: and your worst nightmare
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: or fantasy
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: but youre playing hardball
[2014/01/17 16:29]  Veruca: you are pretty well rounded then
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: continue
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: yes
[2014/01/17 16:29]  DavidNad: very
[2014/01/17 16:30]  DavidNad: you have nooooooo idea
[2014/01/17 16:30]  DavidNad: brb
[2014/01/17 16:30]  DavidNad: powder my big huge nose
[2014/01/17 16:30]  Veruca: I’ll be waiting, bestie
[2014/01/17 16:30]  DavidNad: winks

April 25

Help a lagger out.

I’m super happy that some events are really popular and that people love to go to them but I wish for the love of God Linden Labs can do something about the lag issue!  I go to several events a month..and it seems I have to go back several days later to actually see anything.  Also, event designers / planners – help a person out and not put the TP landing spot 1/2 mile away from the stores or whatever.  As another tip, lets cut down on the decorations and high prim / mesh items.  Thanks!  I’ll buy something soon when I get there.

Pictures above are of an un -rezzed event which took me two days to get into.  It seems that it takes you forever to get into one and then forever for it to load.

April 10


I think this has to be the most magical place in SL.  The build is simply amazing and the stuff for sale makes you want to rip out your uptown condo and build an attic filled with nothing but toys.  I love this place.  It takes about an hour or so to really get the full scope of the place.

Have fun!  TP to D-Lab

March 30

Mesh Feet

I finally broke down and bought mesh feet.  Mainly due to most shoe designers making the shoes for a certain brands of mesh feet.  I picked up a pair of Slink Feet.  I have to say that I am pretty happy with them.  My normal skin had an applier for the feet already so it was super easy to match.  I haven’t noticed any seams.  It looks pretty smooth.  I believe most of the top skin designers will include Slink Feet  / Hand appliers in their skin packages.  Now whether I will break down and get the mesh hands or ass is left up in the air.  (Probably not)

The feet I got were Medium High Heel since I normally wear a lot of high heels.

The shoes are made by AUX (Auxiliary) in nude.

March 20

My God!

Sometimes it’s so bad…that’s it’s actually good.

March 15

Never AFK.

Just a warning, don’t afk for long periods of time or people will push you to the toilets where a new special friend finds you.

March 13

The End

I am going to stop writing on this blog mainly because I am incredibly busy with other projects.  I have about 9 more posts scheduled out and will let that run it’s course.  I’ll keep the site up for awhile after that.  Much Love.